5 Steps On How To Take Control Of Your Closet

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When it comes to organizing your closet you want to create a simple organized system:

Step 1

Start with your shoes. Keep your shoes in the shoe box or a plastic box. Photograph each shoe and place a picture on the outside of the box.

Step 2

How’s it hanging? Make sure all clothes are hanging in a organized and uniform way. No wire hangers! Plastic or velour hangers are ideal. Matching hangers give your closet a nice polished look.

Step 3

Edit your closet. Keep in mind what you need to toss, save and store. Toss overly worn items, clothes with stains and frocks that don’t fit. Save functional items that can be mixed and matched. Store items that are in good condition but are not in style at the moment.

Step 4

Create categories. Categorize and sub-categorize by item.  Keep your jewelry, glasses and belts together. Separate your jackets from your tops, skirts, pants and dresses. Sub-categorize by keeping daytime dresses together, party dresses together, work dresses together etc.

Step 5

Style yourself and pre-style your looks.


About iCONIQ

iCONIQ Virtual Wardrobe allows you to upload images of individual items within your wardrobe and organize them into customizable categories. You can create Looks by combining a group of items into an outfit and schedule them on your Calendar or just save them in your Look Book.
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